For clients that wish to monitor compliance by their banks on their charged cash management fees in comparison with their contractually agreed pricings Vallstein has developed the Bank Fee Analysis Module.
With a multitude of bank relationships and many accounts across a number of countries it becomes increasingly complex for corporate cash managers to maintain and control all banking costs for Cash Management. Banks have introduced a large variety of pricing mechanisms and options. With many legacy billing systems still in place it frequently leads to a high error rate on billing.
Bank Fee Edition lets clients have all banking agreements for all their banks globally in one system and enables them to validate all bank invoices against these pricing agreements. It provides tools to analyze, detect trends and as a result save banking costs. It ensures the prices paid are fair and correct and in full compliance with agreements.
Bank Fee Analysis also supports TWIST/CAMT.086 as a bank invoice format, and we also continue to support the numerous other structured or sometimes unstructured invoices banks send to their clients. Vallstein offers a cost effective upload service to ensure all pricing agreements and bank invoices are in the system in a short period of time and correctly structured.